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(DIF) — New policies suggest that many United States drivers are likely overpaying on their car insurance cost.

Here is the one simple truth your car insurance company doesn't want you to know . If you have no tickets in the last three years and live in a qualified zip code you can get an extremely high discount. Additionally, if you have no DUI's, you can get even more discounts. These are hidden savings that the billion dollar carriers do not want you to know Insurance cost.

So what are the basics of car insurance?

Our car insurance calculator can help you find out the average cost of a comprehensive policy based on our recent price index results. All you have to do is enter your postcode region, age range and gender, it's as easy as that.

It even compares your results to the average insurance prices last quarter so you can find out how changing car insurance prices may affect you.



There is Only ONE Way To Get the Lowest Rates

YOU MUST COMPARE We set out to do some research to determine whether these types of services live up to there reputations. What we discovered was pretty surprising. We learned that prices can vary widely from one insurer to the next and that by shopping around we could save $432 on insurance premiums over the next year. And, thanks to, many others could do the same or better.1

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Note: You're NEVER LOCKED into your current policy. If you've already paid your bill, you can very easily cancel, and be refunded your balance.