Shop Insurance Before Car Lots

Finding cheap car insurance begins before you buy a car. If you first buy a Cadillac Escalade it doesn’t matter how much you shop around for insurance, it’s going to be the most expensive vehicle to insure.

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According to insurance companies’ claims data sent to HLDI (Highway Loss Data Institute), for 2004 – 2006 model years, the Escalade topped all other vehicles at almost twice as expensive as the average car. Sure it’s an expensive auto at ,000. But other factors make it not cheap to insure. One thing is that, even though it’s only a GM vehicle, it’s expensive to repair. It has a lot of complex systems and accessories that are more difficult to replace. Some features are inherently more costly such as LED taillight clusters. However, one of the biggest reasons you can’t get cheap insurance on a car like a Cadillac Escalade is that it is often driven by young and reckless drivers, whether they own it, borrow it, or steal it! And steal it they do. Thanks to the sudden popularity with hip-hop artists, idolizing fans have stolen the Escalade to fulfill their fantasies. Irrecoverable losses and damage made the Escalade a high risk vehicle. What can you learn from this? If you want to save money on the cost of owning a car, then purchase price, gas, and maintenance are only part of the picture. Insurance can make up a lot of your expenses if you buy a risky auto. So before you shop and buy a car look beyond the price and gas mileage and find out what it costs to insure. It’s more likely that a boring family sedan, minivan, or wagon is going to be the best bet for cheap car insurance. Shop Insurance Before Car Lots You can find other vehicle risk ratings at Car Insurance and What You Drive and more tips and resources at Cheap Car Insurance Guide

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