USAA Car Insurance: The Secret Savings for Military Families You Need to Know!

USAA Car Insurance: A Comprehensive Review

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When it comes to car insurance, USAA (United Services Automobile Association) stands out as a unique provider catering primarily to military members and their families. Known for its excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and robust coverage options, USAA Car Insurance has built a strong reputation over the years.

Whether you’re a military member looking for a reliable insurance provider or just exploring your options, this detailed guide will help you make an informed decision.

USAA Car Insurance
USAA Car Insurance

Overview of USAA Car Insurance

USAA Car Insurance offers a range of coverage options tailored specifically for active and retired military personnel and their families. Founded in 1922, USAA has consistently been recognized for its financial strength and customer satisfaction.

USAA Car Insurance Availability

USAA Car Insurance is available in all 50 states, including Washington D.C. However, eligibility is restricted to:

  • Active, retired, and honorably separated officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. military.
  • Cadets and midshipmen at U.S. service academies, in advanced ROTC, or on ROTC scholarship.
  • Family members of the above, including spouses and children.

USAA Car Insurance Pricing

Sure! Here is the pricing information for USAA Car Insurance presented in a table format:

StateAverage Annual PremiumNotes
Ohio$900 – $1,200Some of the lowest rates in the country.
California$1,200 – $1,500Competitive rates, with discounts available.
Texas$1,100 – $1,400Favorable rates for military families.
Florida$1,300 – $1,600Slightly higher due to state-specific risks.
New York$1,400 – $1,700Higher rates due to dense traffic areas and regional risks.

USAA Car Insurance is known for its competitive pricing, which is often lower than many other insurers. Factors such as location, driving history, and coverage options influence the premium amounts. Discounts offered by USAA can further reduce costs. These include:

  • Safe Driver Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • Military-Specific Discounts (e.g., vehicle storage during deployment)
  • SafePilot™ Program (rewards safe driving behaviors)

For tailored quotes and more information, visit USAA’s official website or call their helpline at 1-800-531-USAA (8722).

Coverage Options in USAA Car Insurance

USAA provides a comprehensive range of coverage options, ensuring that members can tailor their policies to meet specific needs:

Coverage TypeDescription
Liability CoverageCovers bodily injury and property damage to others if you’re at fault in an accident.
Collision CoveragePays for damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision, regardless of fault.
Comprehensive CoverageProtects against non-collision-related damages such as theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)Covers medical expenses and lost wages for you and your passengers after an accident.
Uninsured/Underinsured MotoristCovers costs if you’re hit by a driver who doesn’t have sufficient insurance.
Rental ReimbursementPays for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired due to a covered loss.
Roadside AssistanceProvides help with flat tires, dead batteries, towing, and other roadside emergencies.

Discount Programs

USAA offers a variety of discounts to help members save on their premiums:

  • Safe Driver Discount: For maintaining a good driving record.
  • Defensive Driving Discount: For completing a defensive driving course.
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount: For insuring more than one vehicle with USAA.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: For bundling auto insurance with other USAA policies, such as home or renters insurance.
  • Vehicle Storage Discount: For storing your vehicle while deployed or not in use.
  • Good Student Discount: For students maintaining good grades.

Customer Service Innovations

USAA is renowned for its exceptional customer service, offering a range of innovative tools and services:

  • 24/7 Claims Service: Available through phone, online, or the USAA mobile app.
  • Mobile App: Allows for easy policy management, claims filing, and access to digital ID cards.
  • Telematics Program: SafePilot™ rewards safe driving habits with discounts.

Financial Strength and Reliability

USAA consistently receives high ratings for financial strength and reliability from major rating agencies:

  • A++ (Superior) from A.M. Best
  • AA+ (Very Strong) from S&P Global Ratings
  • Aa1 (High Quality) from Moody’s

Real-Life Claims Experience

Members often praise USAA for its seamless claims process, highlighting quick response times, fair settlements, and helpful representatives.

Interactive Tools

USAA provides several online tools to assist members:

  • Coverage Calculator: Helps determine the right amount of coverage.
  • Vehicle Replacement Assistance: Helps find a replacement vehicle after a total loss.
  • Accident Checklist: Guides members through the steps to take after an accident.

USAA Car Insurance Comparison with Other Car Insurances


EligibilityMilitary and familiesGeneral public
Customer ServiceHighly ratedHighly rated
DiscountsExtensive for militaryBroad range for various groups
Financial StrengthSuperior (A++)Excellent (A++)
Claims HandlingQuick and efficientQuick and efficient

USAA vs. State Farm

FeatureUSAAState Farm
EligibilityMilitary and familiesGeneral public
PricingGenerally lowerAverage
Customer ServiceExceptionalGood
DiscountsNumerous military-specificWide range
Financial StrengthSuperior (A++)Excellent (A++)
Claims HandlingHighly ratedHighly rated

USAA Car Insurance Testimonials and Reviews

Positive Reviews

  • John D. (Texas): “USAA has always been there for me. Their customer service is top-notch, and they handled my claim quickly and fairly.”
  • Sarah K. (California): “I saved a lot by switching to USAA. Their rates are unbeatable, and I love the SafePilot™ program.”
  • Mike L. (Florida): “As a veteran, I appreciate the tailored services and discounts. The USAA mobile app makes managing my policy so easy.”

Negative Reviews

  • Emily R. (New York): “I had a hard time reaching a representative during peak hours. They need to improve their helpline availability.”
  • Chris P. (Ohio): “The premium increase after an accident was higher than expected. I wish they had more leniency for long-term customers.”

Common Complaints

  • Accessibility: Some members report difficulty reaching customer service during high-demand periods.
  • Rate Increases: Some policyholders experience significant premium increases after filing a claim.
  • Eligibility Restrictions: Limited to military members and their families, excluding the general public.

Coverage Options in USAA Car Insurance

USAA offers extensive coverage options, including:

  • Auto Insurance: Comprehensive, collision, liability, PIP, uninsured/underinsured motorist, rental reimbursement, and roadside assistance.
  • Home Insurance: Protects homes and personal belongings against various risks.
  • Renters Insurance: Covers personal property within a rented residence.
  • Life Insurance: Provides financial protection for beneficiaries.
  • Health Insurance: Includes Medicare supplement plans and more.
  • Other Insurance: Boat, motorcycle, RV, and personal umbrella policies.

Discount Programs

USAA’s discount programs are tailored to reward safe driving and other behaviors that reduce risk. Here’s a closer look at their discounts:

Discount TypeDescription
Safe DriverFor maintaining a clean driving record.
Defensive DrivingFor completing an approved defensive driving course.
Multi-VehicleFor insuring multiple vehicles.
Multi-PolicyFor bundling multiple insurance policies.
Vehicle StorageFor vehicles stored and not driven while the policyholder is deployed.
Good StudentFor students with a good academic record.
New VehicleFor insuring a vehicle that is less than three years old.
Annual MileageFor driving fewer than a certain number of miles per year.
Length of MembershipFor long-term members who have been with USAA for a certain number of years.
Family DiscountFor family members who join USAA.
Military InstallationFor garaging the vehicle on a military base.
Automatic PaymentsFor setting up automatic monthly payments.

Customer Service Innovations

USAA is known for pioneering customer service innovations that enhance the member experience. Key features include:

  • Digital Claims: Members can file claims online or via the mobile app for quick processing.
  • Virtual Assistance: 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, and mobile app.
  • Member Community: An online forum where members can connect and share advice.
  • Financial Advice: Access to financial planning and investment services.

Financial Strength and Reliability

USAA’s financial strength is a critical factor for members looking for a reliable insurer. The company’s superior ratings indicate robust financial health, ensuring they can meet their obligations to policyholders:

  • A++ from A.M. Best: Indicates superior ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations.
  • AA+ from S&P Global Ratings: Denotes very strong capacity to pay claims.
  • Aa1 from Moody’s: Reflects high quality and low credit risk.

Real-Life Claims Experience

USAA members frequently commend the company for its efficient and fair claims process. Key highlights from member experiences include:

  • Speed: Many claims are processed and resolved quickly, often within a few days.
  • Fairness: Settlements are generally viewed as fair and in line with policy terms.
  • Customer Support: Representatives are described as knowledgeable and supportive during the claims process.

Interactive Tools

USAA offers several interactive tools designed to help members manage their insurance policies effectively:

  • Mobile App: Provides access to digital ID cards, policy details, claims filing, and more.
  • Coverage Calculator: Helps members determine the appropriate level of coverage.
  • SafePilot™ Program: A telematics program that rewards safe driving behaviors with discounts.
  • Accident Checklist: A step-by-step guide available on the mobile app to assist members after an accident.

Addressing Customer Problems

Accessibility and Support

While USAA generally receives high marks for customer service, some members have reported difficulty reaching representatives during peak times. To address this, USAA is continuously enhancing their digital channels and expanding support teams to reduce wait times.

Rate Increases

Premium increases after an accident can be a concern for some members. USAA offers accident forgiveness for eligible members, which can help prevent rate hikes after a first at-fault accident.


USAA’s eligibility restrictions can be a limitation for those who do not have a military connection. However, for eligible individuals, the tailored services and benefits often outweigh this drawback.

Quotes in the United States

Pricing for USAA Car Insurance can vary significantly based on factors such as location, driving history, and selected coverage options. Here’s a general idea of what members might expect in different regions:

StateAverage Annual PremiumNotes
California$1,200 – $1,500Competitive rates, with discounts available.
Texas$1,100 – $1,400Favorable rates for military families.
Florida$1,300 – $1,600Slightly higher due to state-specific risks.
New York$1,400 – $1,700Higher rates due to dense traffic areas.
Ohio$900 – $1,200Some of the lowest rates in the country.

Conclusion from USAA Car Insurance

USAA Car Insurance is an excellent choice for eligible members seeking comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. With a range of coverage options, innovative tools, and a strong commitment to serving military families, USAA continues to be a leader in the insurance industry.

If you’re eligible for USAA Car Insurance, it’s worth considering for its tailored services, extensive discounts, and reliable financial strength. For more information, visit USAA’s official website or call their helpline at 1-800-531-USAA (8722).

By choosing USAA, you’re not just getting insurance; you’re joining a community that understands and values the unique needs of military members and their families.

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