What It’s Takes To Be?

So you want to be an auto insurance agent. Anyone who has sold insurance before will tell you that the job can be grueling, and at the same time, rewarding. The qualities of an auto insurance agent are the same as qualities of a good salesman. I will examine some of this qualities, as you figure out if you possess them, or if you should work harder to develop them. So what does it take to be an auto insurance agent? 1. People Skills This may be the most important quality an auto insurance agent must have. It encompasses a range of abilities, qualities, and skills, including emotional intelligence, conversation skills, and respect for other human beings. A good auto insurance agent will listen patiently, empathize with clients, connect with them on a deep level, and handle them tactfully. They won’t feel handled. Clients always seek out their favorite agents. Most times the agent’s abilities constitute the only reason for a customer’s policy renewal. 2. Strong Personality Selling anything is tough. Selling auto insurance is tougher. And car insurance agents need to be tougher than the situation. They need to be persistent because they will face constant rejection. They need to have a positive attitude, and the ability to make lemonade out of lemons, because they will face endless bad luck (for instance prospective clients changing their minds at the last minute). They need to be willful because they will be in charge of their own time, and how much money they make will depend on how many clients they get, that is how hard they work. 3. Knowledge of Diverse Subjects An auto insurance agent will need to understand a wide array of products, each which constitutes a topic in itself. They must understand motor vehicles, their designs, construction, models, brands, year of manufacturing, horsepower, among other facts. They must also understand the law, both state and federal. They must understand health, human anatomy (bone structure, spinal cord, fractures), and legislation and practices pertaining to the same. Some of this information will go unused, but often it will be a random piece of general knowledge pulled out of his hat at the opportune time that will save him in tight situations, or help him close a deal, or rise to an opportunity. 4. Business Sense Good auto insurance agents have entrepreneurial spirits. Like entrepreneurs, they are creative and know how to spot opportunity. They have strong intuitions, which they follow with confidence. But above all, like good entrepreneurs, they know how to read the market or the current environment, and to act accordingly. Good auto insurance win because they are miles ahead of the rest. Last Word Selling car insurance is a noble profession. Many are called, but few are chosen. As corny as that may sound, it is true. Why? Because the challenges that you have to face as an auto insurance agent can break you. You must be strong not only to survive but to thrive.

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